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Zong 4G introduces free WhatsApp service

Zong 4G announced the facility free WhatsApp for its customers last week, adding to its service of free Facebook, for prepaid as well as post paid subscribers. “We want our customers to be able to experience boundary-less 4G experience connecting the world together in an open environment.

We don’t want to target any specific audience, all Pakistanis can use Zong 4G for person to person, application to person and machine to machine applications on Zong 4G for the best possible user experience in an open environment,” said Zong 4G Strategy Director Maham Dard. “We want to develop the 4G market in Pakistan without limiting our customers’ experience. Zong 4G is the fastest 4G network in Pakistan to date, our data quality is the best, so it makes sense to experience all applications on Zong 4G for our subscribers.