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New ride hailing app launched in Pakistan

The famous right hailing services were a relief for many people due to comfort at low rate. These ride hailing services recently introduced in Pakistan include Careem and Uber that have taken the market by storm in on time. However these App operated rides were also discomfort for many when they were providing luxury services to their customers. They gave a very tough competition to Taxi and Rickshaw drivers in all major cities where these online taxi services were launched. Awami Sawari Client-A Rickshaw Ride Hailing App to Compete Careem & Uber Launches in Lahore.

After many strikes against these services, Rickshaw drivers have finally adopted technology to strengthen their business and to give Careem and Uber a tough competition. A representative of Rickshaw drivers, keeping in view their problems has launched an online service in order to give them their share in local transportation sector.

As Uber and Careem dominated the transportation sector since their launch. To tackle with this rickshaw drivers had launched protest and strikes. They also approached courts against these online taxi services however no one fulfilled their demands. Finally the rickshaw drivers decided to incorporate modern technology in their work to compete in market. Hence they launched their own application Awami Sawari Client.

This onlnie application will also provide comfort to customers who can order ride while sitting at home. With the launch of Awami Sawari Client service people will be satisfied while paying fares as they will transparently charge people according to meters.

Awami Sawari is launched as a joint venture by Rickshaw Association and engineers who developed the application. Right now Awami Sawari is only available in Lahore, however they plan to extend it to other cities after getting good response from Lahore.