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Telenor launches IoT ProtoLab with Wireless Trondheim

Telenor said that it is joining forces with Wireless Trondheim to open an IoT laboratory called IoT ProtoLab. It will be open from early 2018 to start-ups, developers and students seeing to prototype and develop IoT products and services. It will focus on Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) equipment and applications.

IoT ProtoLab will enable the exchange of data, experience and collaboration with projects at the Telenor-NTNU AI-Lab. The IoT ProtoLab will be located at Faktry, a site for start-ups in hardware-centric disciplines at Sluppen in Trondheim, which opens in November 2017.

Wireless Trondheim has enabled a city-wide IoT testbed and connected to Telenor's non-commercial offering, Start IoT. This provides access to IoT devices, a physical LPWA pilot network and a back-end system, which enables prototyping and developing of IoT services at a relatively low cost. Wireless Trondheim will be responsible for the set-up and the daily operation of the IoT ProtoLab.

In addition to its Start IoT offering, Telenor will provide mentorship, support internships in the lab and will collaborate with partners for student projects and hackathons. The first official IoT ProtoLab hackathon will be organised at Faktry in November by Telenor, Wireless Trondheim and Pycom.