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E-Marine Restores Connectivity on Sub-Saharan EASSy Cable

Abu Dhabi, 13 August 2017: E-Marine, a leading company in submarine cable installation, repair and maintenance has successfully restored 10,000 kilometer underwater ‘EASSy’ cable that runs the length of Africa’s east coast.

The EASSy cable (Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System) was out of service as it was damaged of around 4 kms offshore Mogadishu, Somalia. E-Marine played an integral role in restoring the service by conducting the required tests and an in-depth analysis of the fault location. CS Maram, the first green cable ship was deployed to conduct the repair in a rugged terrain with adverse monsoons and wind speeds touching nearly 100km/hr and waves reaching a height of 8-9 meters. CS Maram is the best-in-class cable ship today designed to manage the installation and maintenance of all types of submarine cables, including fiber optic telecommunications cables and energy cables.

Omar Jassim Bin Kalban, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of E-marine said: “E-marine is committed to provide world-class service to its clients and maintaining their cables in proper order. Since we are strategically located in the region, and have specialized submarine cable equipment and infrastructure, we offer repairs in the quickest possible time to ensure fast restoration of the affected cable. This operation proves that E-marine is committed to offer world-class repairs in the most efficient and timely manner to clients based across the region.”

Source: Etisalat Press Release