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Facebook plans notifications of its all Apps together

Facebook has launched a latest feature to make their users life easy. It will be loved by many people for sure as Facebook to Bring Notifications of its All Apps Together.

The Facebook family is finally coming together. The popular social media platform, along with its messaging arm Messenger and its photo-sharing arm Instagram, is testing a feature that will show users notification counters from either of the other two apps, and allow them to switch among the three seamlessly.

This will not only save time of user while opening Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp one by one. this feature streamlines the entire use of Facebook App but collecting all the notifications of sister Apps in one place.

This will ease users for not opening and closing the separate apps again and again. Users will get notified on single Facebook App and they can reply from News Feed.

How to Check Instagram, Facebook and Messenger Notifications together:

Look for the icon in the extreme right hand corner of the screen.

Messenger logo and chat app is replaced with your profile picture with notifications.

Tap on top notifications, a menu will pop up

Now check your Instagram, Messenger and Facebook notifications by tapping on your profile.

The new family feature is launched for certain iOS users only but Facebook plans to release it for android too globally.