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Mobile first global ecommerce platform to be launched

UK naturals beauty company The Body Shop is set to launch a £10million digital transformation project in a bid to ‘expand its global ecommerce footprint and create a seamless online experience,’ according to the company.

The new digital platform will be launched in 11 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia, and will be a Hybris-based digital platform hoped to allowed the company’s consumers to get better acquainted with its products across the globe.

The Body Shop is adopting regional variations in the development of the platform in accordance to different preferences for merchandising, payment and delivery, with plans to roll out to 20 more countries over the course of the year.

Harriet Williams, Chief Digital Officer at The Body Shop, says “With the successful launch of a responsive, content-rich digital platform, we have established a strong foundation to support our future innovation agenda and global rollout.
“The Body Shop is a big business, operating in a large number of countries with both franchise and non-franchise markets. The platform needed to strike the right balance between global brand consistency and local relevance, being flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual market.”

The platform will adopt many features, including company content, live appointment booking for in-store consultations, a personalised skin care diagnostic tool, and a click and collect functionality that will launch later this year.