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MAZ Digital to integrate video ad serving platform to its OTT solution

MAZ Digital has selected SpotX as its premier technology partner for video ad serving on their TVX platform, giving its network of broadcast and video publishing partners instant access to over-the-top (OTT) app monetization solutions.

The New York-based media technology company, launched TVX to provide turnkey OTT app creation for broadcasters and other media houses, counting the likes of Fast Company, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, and Outside TV among its clients.

The partnership with video ad serving platform SpotX enables TVX partners to transact the inventory they represent programmatically, as well as allowing media owners who created apps using MAZ’s platform solution to monetize their own video inventory.

By making inventory available via SpotX’s platform, MAZ opens up access to significant amounts of broadcast-quality OTT content to the market, bringing much needed scale to advertisers keen to target audiences in premium, lean-back environments on TV screens.

The content is a mix of long and short form in both live and on demand formats, across platforms like Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Fire TV.

Commenting on the profile of its audience, MAZ Digital’s VP of Business Development, Mike Ram, named Fire TV as the surprise performer of the connected TV world, highlighting growth across emerging platforms as serious traffic drivers.

“A good third of our traffic is coming from Fire TV,” Ram revealed. “Roku is still the darling of the space, but we’re seeing platforms with open APIs, like Fire TV and Chromecast, show strong growth and send more traffic than Apple TV.”

With the direct integration into SpotX’s platform, OTT app owners can effortlessly tap into advanced ad serving and programmatic enablement technology, added Patrick Bain, at SpotX.

“App owners are able to dynamically set ad frequencies and where ads are being delivered in MAZ Digital’s TVX dashboard, which connects directly through to SpotX’s platform,” Bain continued. “For app owners, these opportunities deliver high ad rates as buyers gravitate towards large player, highly viewable and targetable CTV placements.”