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Goetzpartners Middle East MD Erik Almqvist moderated SAMENA Council’s 2017 ‘Beyond Connectivity’ conference in Oman

At the 2017 ‘Beyond Connectivity‘ conference by SAMENA Telecommunications Council, the panel session on regional digital transformation was moderated by Erik Almqvist, Managing Director and Head of the Middle East at the Dubai office of goetzpartners. The 2017 conference, staged in Muscat, Oman, on March 16, continued the event’s tradition as a platform for promoting collaboration on digital transformation issues in the region. With his considerable expertise in digital transformation projects and on ICT’s effect on national socioeconomic development, Erik Almqvist led a valuable debate that yielded positive discussion outcomes with regard to driving digital transformation in the region.

Erik Almqvist and his team at the Dubai office of goetzpartners, which opened July 2016, have worked on various exciting projects to provide organizations in the region with local advisory expertise to guide them through the challenges of digital transformation at corporate, national and regional level. Erik also regularly shares his expertise as a sought-after speaker at conferences in the region. “I am honoured to be moderating this panel at the 2017 ‘Beyond Connectivity’ event,” he says. “This year’s conference theme – building corridors in digital development to fulfil national commitment – underscores the importance of dialog between industry actors and policy-makers. The panel on digital transformation includes top-ranking representatives from organisations highly involved in the region’s ICT development, and I am looking forward to guiding a fruitful discussion.”

Given the ambitions of the South Asia – Middle East – North Africa (SAMENA) region to accelerate digital transformation, the debate moderated by Erik Almqvist covered a wide-range of topics, including how policy and regulation can encourage investment, what is being done to foster public-private partnerships to drive change, as well as a review of governmental responsibilities in technology adoption, fostering innovation, and catalysing digital change. Beyond basic connectivity, the conference also addressed issues around content and application development: stakeholder partnership is key to future digital development success in the region.