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Mobile internet drives market growth by adding 1.3 million users
Category: North Africa
Publishing Date: December 14, 2017

Growth in the number of mobile internet subscribers in September increased the total number of internet users in the Egyptian market by 4%.

The total number of internet users increased from 40.1 million in August to 41.9 million in September.

The internet market has seen 1.8 million new clients, while the mobile internet market saw an increase of clients by 3.1% in September, rising from 31.78 million to 33.76 million in September, up by 1.3 million.

Meanwhile, the number of USB modem internet users fell slightly by 0.23% to reach 3.37 million in September down from 3.38 million in August.

The report showed a slight rise in the number of ADSL users, up by 0.5% from 4.93 million in August to 4.95 million in September.

Furthermore, the number of Telecom Egypt land line clients dropped by 4.2%, falling from 6.27 million in August to 5.9 million in September.

ADSL service clients increased by 10,000 in August. According to the MCIT report, the number of ADSL subscribers increased from 4.91 million in July to 4.92 million in August.

Internet users have increased by 1.4% in June over May, rising from 34.3 million in May to 34.8 million in June, up by 500,000 clients.

The internet market attracted 3.5 million more clients in August, compared to the same period last month. The growth in mobile internet users contributed significantly to that growth in the internet market.

Yet, in August, the number of USB modem internet users was down by 2.34% compared to last year. The number fell from 3.36 million in 2016 to 3.28 million in August 2017.

The report showed that ADSL users increased by 13.3% in August, rising from 4.35 million in 2016 to 4.92 million in 2017.

About 31.9% of the total internet users primarily use the service via mobile, up by 2% from August 2016.

Source: https://dailynewsegypt.com/2017/12/12/mobile-internet-drives-market-growth-adding-1-3-million-users/
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