The Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) was established in the Kingdom of Jordan in the year 1995 answerable to the Prime Minister. It enjoys legal personality and financial and administrative independence; the TRC is entitled to own and dispose of those movable and immovable property that are needed to achieve its goals, to contract with third parties, to undertake any legal activity, including the right to go to court, and to be represented in the legal proceedings by the Advocate General for Civil Matters or by any other lawyer.

The TRC is responsible to regulate telecommunications and information technology services in the Kingdom in accordance with  the established general policy so as to ensure the provision of high quality telecommunications and information technology services to users at just, reasonable and affordable prices; and, by so doing, to make possible the optimal performance of the telecommunications and information technology sectors.

Contact Information
7th Circle, Ibraheem Al-Bajorey St. Amman-Jordan