Wataniya Mobile
Wataniya Mobile a member of Ooredoo Group was launched in November 2009. We are a mobile company that aims to be the communications leader of choice, and is committed to providing an excellent customer experience and service, as well as being a sought after employer.

We offer a portfolio of products and services tailored to suit business and personal needs, giving simple and easy to understand tariff plans, value for money and provide the highest standards of network quality, coverage and service.

Wataniya Mobile Palestine a member of Ooredoo group was first established as a partnership between the Wataniya Group (headquartered in Kuwait and majority owned by Ooredooand the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) with ownership stakes of 57% and 43% respectively.

In January 2011, Wataniya Mobile Palestine a member of Ooredoo group successfully completed a public listing of its shares representing 15% of its share capital. The current ownership structure has Ooredoo at 48.45%, the Palestine Investment Fund at 34.03% and 17.52% free float.

Ooredoo brings extensive experience in telecommunications through its operations in 14 countries which provide Wataniya Mobile Palestine with the knowledge and expertise to work towards achieving a superior customer experience. As part of its strategy to help build an independent and vibrant Palestinian economy, the Palestine Investment Fund continues to invest in strategic industries such as telecommunications, which includes Wataniya Mobile Palestine.

This combination of partners brings the international telecommunications experience, coupled with a drive towards economic change to Palestine, bringing with it employment and business development.