Director Public Policy & Regulatory Affairs - SAMENA Telecommunications Council

Roberto is responsible for coordinating among SAMENA council’s External Working Groups and liaising with likeminded external associations on industry policy and regulation.

Roberto is a Chartered Electronic Engineer, specialising in mobile radio systems and radio spectrum regulation. He graduated with a degree in Applied Physics in 1988, and a Masters in Electronic Engineering in 1990. He also has a post graduate certificate in EU and UK Competition Policy and Law.

Prior to joining SAMENA Council, Roberto worked at GSMA for 10 years on spectrum regulation issues. He headed-up the GSMA’s global spectrum lobbying campaigns for World Radiocommunication Conferences 2007 and 2012, to secure global spectrum for IMT/mobile broadband. Roberto focused on Arab region spectrum issues for WRC-15, working closely with operators and regulators in the region. Roberto left GSMA in 2016 as a Senior Director in Public Policy.

Roberto has also worked as an engineer for the UK radio spectrum regulator (for 7 years), working in international fora such as the ITU and CEPT. Following that he worked with a UK GSM1800 operator, as a spectrum engineer, specialising in regulatory issues for 2 years.

Roberto worked for 5 years with the UK telecoms competition regulator (Oftel) looking at spectrum and telecom competition issues, providing advice on mergers and joint ventures, as well competition aspects of spectrum auctions.

Roberto has also worked as an independent consultant. He has advised on radio spectrum engineering issues, as well as in spectrum valuations, and telecom competition issues. Roberto has assisted governments developing spectrum liberalisation policies, and in helping to promote competition in mobile markets by encouraging new entrants.