Director, Industry Affairs - SAMENA Telecommunications Council

A strategic communications and telecoms research specialist, Izhar Ahmad is currently the Director of Industry Affairs & Communication at SAMENA Telecommunications Council. He is responsible for developing relations as well as communication with likeminded organizations and knowledge platforms. As the Organization’s de facto scribe, his role at the SAMENA Council entails driving information exchange and authoring or co-authoring strategic documents, papers, SAMENA Council’s position statements, responses to industry/regulatory consultations, and other collaborative proposals and documents for consumption by both internal and external stakeholders.

Izhar’s key contributions to SAMENA Council include being the chief designer, editor, and project manager of the SAMENA Council’s very first regional telecoms reference publication. He established and headed SAMENA Council’s first regional market intelligence department, developing a talented team of dedicated research analysts. He also established and managed the Council’s first successfully launched regional industry awards program, and was the the chief proposal evaluator and co-coordinator of SAMENA Council’s first region-wide digitization study program. Izhar also drafted SAMENA Council’s first officially registered contribution to the ITU. He continues to advise and support SAMENA Council’s management team, and continues his oversight at all levels of market research and marketing.

In his professional capacities, Izhar has worked at both telecom operator and technology vendor sides of the business. He made contributions at a GM-level corporate PMO position, having visibility of multiple areas of a large telecom network operation in one of the SAMENA region’s largest markets. He was a lead consultant in a concept initiated by the Ministry of IT & Telecom in Pakistan on the design of a citizen-centric services’ implementation roadmap, and framed a digital strategy on ICT-enabled rural health management and population planning. Izhar has also been a part of various concept development, collaboration-building, and investment solicitation efforts elating to terrestrial and satellite communications, and is experienced in establishing and supporting business development and sales processes. He has served on the editorial board of a renowned regional telecommunications publication, is the editor of SAMENA Council’s publications and deliverables, and has also written guest articles for regional and US-based telecoms publications. Izhar is currently also active in developing strategic collaboration frameworks and relationship-building with regional regulatory authorities and like-minded organizations, to support SAMENA Council’s advocacy work.

An alumnus of the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering & Applied Science, Izhar is registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a life-time professional member. He is also an inducted life-time member of Eta Kappa Nu (HKN), the international electrical and computer engineering honor society of the IEEE. His professional work and interests spans healthcare, telecoms, and media sectors.