Chief Economist and Director of Sector Development - SAMENA Telecommunications Council

Imme Philbeck is an ICT/telecommunications-, regulatory- and competition expert. An economist with more than 15 years of international experience, she has worked as a Principal Economics Advisor, Senior Economic Consultant, In-house Economist and Case Officer for and with operators, consulting companies, regulators, international institutions, ministries and governments. Among others, these include the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), WIK-Consult GmbH, Bahrain Telecommunications Company, the European Commission and the European Parliament, the German Ministry of Economics and Technology, the German Federal Network Agency, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the New Zealand and Australian Governments, and the UK Office of Fair Trading. Imme’s expertise is centered on International Mobile Roaming, Internet ecosystem, value chain and content distribution, NGN convergence and associated regulatory challenges, retail and wholesale regulation and costing, and Internet for All / connecting the unconnected. Her most recent publication is a contribution to the UN Broadband Commission and the World Economic Forum’s joint session at Davos 2017 on Connecting the Unconnected.

Passionate about making an impact on global ICT challenges, Imme’s focus has been on market behavior and market structures, policy and regulation, and the fast-changing ICT / telecommunications sector as well as the digitization of the economy and society. Working on different sides of the market for operators, consultancies and international organizations has enabled her to gain deep insights and learn about the needs and requirements of different ICT stakeholders. To this end she has used her experience to achieve better outcomes in multi-stakeholder negotiations between the public and private sectors.

At SAMENA Telecommunications Council, Imme Philbeck is responsible for advocacy and economic impact analysis of industry policy and regulation, liaising closely with SAMENA Council stakeholders, SAMENA Council’s Industry Working Groups (of which Imme leads the Working Group on Industry Fees and the Working Group on Digital Services), and international organizations. Imme holds a Batchelor’s degree in Economics and a doctorandus / Master of International Economics from Maastricht University, the Netherlands.