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Teralight Gateway Holdings Inc.

Regional technology and policy support institutions such as SAMENA create awareness of the impacting issues effecting stakeholders in the ICT and Telecoms sector. The ICT and Telecom sector is facing many challenges which can if not addressed appropriately, greatly alter the productive efficiency value of all industry stakeholders in the collective business ecosystem and social economic environment. The greater SAMENA region has a unique footprint with regard to developing opportunity and it is bodies such as SAMENA that are able to positively impact the active ecosystem in that region. The SAMENA region, including Africa must adapt quickly regarding changes in technology and operational efficiencies given the aggressive nature of opposition forces within the regional booming mobile usage of broadband via Smartphone device in the market.

The dilemma facing SAMENA members and other industry stakeholders is to either stay in place with existing legacy infrastructure or to bet on the changing landscape which yields quickly into the unknown specter of the future, where non traditional operators and service providers challenge the status quo of operators and governments in the region at an ever quickening pace. Those that do not adapt to the ever changing broadband driven environment will surely be left behind and SAMENA’s proven to aggressively challenge the malaise that can hold legacy stakeholder’s back from making the necessary alterations to their business models, in their attempt to address the plateauing landscape with regard to traditional telecom networks business structure(s).

SAMENA can be and should be the vehicle of choice for voicing concerns in the operating environment and developing value add partnerships with investment providers, operators, governmental policy and regulatory institutions and leadership, as well as leading technology suppliers to take membership into the future with a greater handle on the choices available. The sky is the limit. SAMENA’s start was very humble however through its leadership of its Board membership and membership seal its status as the reliable regional source of information, knowledge sharing and industry collaboration for all stakeholders in the ICT and Telecoms Sector.