Digital Payments - Middle East & North Africa

Mr. Pankaj Asthaana heads Digital Payments for Middle East and North Africa at Mastercard, rated by Forbes as one of the world’s most innovative companies. Pankaj’s responsibilities includes the commercialization of digital payment products and solutions in ways that cater to market opportunities. He holds over 16 years’ experience with a strong and diverse understanding of the payments business and ecosystems. Prior to the payment networks business, he worked with Western Union driving network and business growth in South Asia and at Bank of America handing corporate payment product solutions. Pankaj has worked on the evolution of mobile payments and closely witnessed the journey of MNOs in vibrant markets like India and other countries in the Indian subcontinent and MENA. Pankaj is a strong believer of working with fintechs and players from other industries in the path to developing a safer and scalable payment ecosystem and driving less cash intensive and financial inclusive economies