Chairman of Mobile Wave Three (MW3) and the CEO of ILA group
ILA group

Khalid Alfarkh; currently the Chairman of Mobile Wave Three (MW3) and the CEO of ILA group; has 32 years of experience as a Telecom and IT executive in the Middle East and Africa. As a Chief Business Transformation Officer (CBTO), he had a successful track record of leading the launch of several successful startups (Greenfield operations) as well as turning around troubled mobile operators for Zain group.

Khalid was a member of the core team that took MTC mobile operator from 400K subs in Kuwait with market value of 1B USD to 72 million subs of Zain in 24 countries and market value of 32B USD in 6 years.

On April 2011 Khalid assumed his responsibility at ILA group as the CEO. ILA is a pioneering venture in the ME focusing on the emerging opportunities in the Telecommunication and IT industries. ILA is owned and run by a group of senior executives from around the world, and with investments in highly promising venture in the USA and the ME..

Khalid is also the chairman of the new venture Mobile Wave Three (MW3) entrusted to develop a pioneering Ecosystem Enabling Platform for m2m and B2B cloud based services and apps enabling enterprises to transform gracefully towards the Digital Economy.

Khalid Alfarkh obtained his MBA from the University of Bradford in UK, With a major in marketing; while his Bachelor of Science degree in Telecommunication and Electronics.