General Manager of Regulatory Affairs
Saudi Telecom Company

Zyad has 28 years of practical, technical and leadership experiences in ICT, Telecom & IT, Regulatory affairs, and BC/DR in Government, Private and ICT sectors & industries.

He has a BSc. Degree in Computer science and information Systems, KSU, 1989/1990 (1410 H). Zyad started his career for several years in software engineering, application programming and system analysis & design by joined SABIC Company. In 1993, he moved to government sector as a director of computer center and IT in KFNL (king Fahd National Library) where he built fiber network and implement & build a new digital library generation and support systems to accommodate with the future demand & needs. In 1997, his experience was utilized by Siemens NEXDORF project to automate the information center and many planning systems in Ministry of planning.

In year 2000, Zyad joined STC as a Senior PM in data Network GD and performed mega projects such as DN connectivity for GSM expansions 4 & 5, EWSD & 5ESS Billing systems etc. In 2002 He became the Sr. manager for all Data Network OSS projects in STC. Early 2008, Zyad decided to join CITC in the technical sector as senior telecom advisor and chief of several important committees and participated in regulatory and legal committees as well. Then, Zyad joined ITC and became the VP, Regulatory affairs as well as VP for Disaster Recovery and Business continuity and develop all RA matters. In OCT 2013, he joined STC as the GM of RA and all related compliances.

Zyad, in addition to his rich experience in Telecom, IT and business industry, he own a strong, long and excellent experience in regulatory, competition, compliance & legal affairs in the ICT fields and their related high management skills, including Technical regulations, Policies and licensing, Scarce resources licensing and allocations, leading & Participating in CITC, CITRA (Kuwait), CMA, Competition council, other KSA regulatory entities and operators committees belong to most of ICT statutes and related policies & regulations. He participated in many public consultations related to numbering, interconnection, universal services, Merge & acquisition, Tariff, Unified Licenses, MVNOs and other regulatory statutes and policies.

Zyad own 23 years of management experience, leading many technical & Business teams, committees, Departments, General departments & VP/Sectors in deferent ICT Business units, where 8 years of this leadership experience where spent exclusively in executive positions. He built the DR, Evacuation plans and Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity FWs, GLs and requirements for the telecom operators and ICT industry.

In addition, Zyad is a member in several BoD and Committees, among them, VIVA Kuwait, Investment Holding Companies and Auditing and Risk Committees in STC group. During the last 20 years, he attended more than 50 national and international conferences, seminars and sophisticated trainings in most of ICT fields and topics (ITU, GSMA, SAMENA, Cullen, TM forum, TRMC, Legal & Regulatory forums, HP, Lucent, Ericson, Cisco ...etc.), and participated as panelist & speaker in some of them. Zyad had been awarded by many key ICT industries, among them, but not limited to, STC GCEO, STC SVPs, CITC Governor, ITC CEO, Telsa, KFNL, Six Sigma.