Manager, Service Delivery & Traffic Management

Juma is currently on charge of delivering wholesale services either for international and national customers. He is now at last milestone of his MBA studies from Strathclyde .He selected the remarkable topic for his MBA dissertation which is linked to Omantel strategy 3.0 as well as his scientific passion . the topic is study social and economic impact of telecom digitalization on Omani Market. Also, he is responsible for hosting the content providers locally at Oman like Google, Akamai , level 3, face book, Netflix from delivery and connectivity respects which is directly linked to Omantel strategy 3.0 of digital transformation.

His career started as a mobile planning and optimization engineer since 2000 and he shifted into different departments within integrated technology units such as Quality management, BSS planning, Transmission design and implementation for 12 years. On 2012, he found himself ready to take business and strategies responsibilities and hence he decided to move to wholesale unit as a promising future business.