Baynuna Group for Companies Management

General Khalid undertook various positions and posts along 32 years career in UAE Air Force and Air Defense (AFAD), which led him to take the position of UAE AFAD Commander General Khalid participated in both Gulf Wars.

In addition to the key posts he commanded, Gen. Khalid directs, manages, lead Multi-Billion programs for UAE government in the following:
- Aircraft/ Systems Acquisition Programs (France, USA, Russia.....)
- Multi-Nations New Research and Development Unified Projects (Eastern-Western Companies, Multi-European Companies).
- Mega programs in System Integration and System Engineering.
- Communication Program (Airborne and Land Based Secured Network Systems)
- Advance Information Technology and IT Security Program.
- Remote Sensing, Space Program and Command and Control Program.
- Creation and Development of first R&D Faculties in UAE.
- Creation and Development of First Advanced Flight Test Centres in UAE.
- Creation and Development of First Advanced Digital war gaming and simulation centres in UAE.
- Creation and Development of First Advanced Air War Centres in UAE.
- Support UAE Academic Institutions/ Universities in Applied Research Program.
- Financing, Controlling and Managing and Financial Engineering of National and Multi-National Mega Projects.

General Khalid possesses large experience and knowledge, all of which provided an added value in his managing, organizing, and controlling UAE major and Mega programs. He acted as a strong contributor in the build up and consolidation of excellent relationships between the worldwide industrial figures and the UAE higher authorities through his worldwide network connection. He demonstrated as well as a strong leadership, Visionary and a wise team leader who acted with competence and wisdom as:

- Program Director and Main Negotiator of contracts from Technical, Financial, and Legal as well as National strategic contractual aspects like Offset and Development Program.

- Defining the requirements, concept definition, defining the overall Concept of Operation, Defining the System Engineering and bringing the right solutions based on the Wide and wise vision he possesses.

General Khalid has become a well- known speaker for National as well as Multi-National Seminars, Conferences and Exhibitions and has gained innovative concepts and system solution and approach in addition of his participation at organizing of Regional and International Events, Seminars and Conferences in UAE and he is Chairing one of well established Regional Think-Tank Institute for Defense and Security research and Study.

General Khalid has received 25 awards and merits nationally, regionally and internationally for his competence, integrity and wide spectrum of knowledge, many from the industrialized Western nations who know him and consider him a person of unique quality.

Currently, General Khalid is the Chairman of the board for his owned number of companies focused mainly on business and Advanced Technology Development and General Trading called Baynuna Group for Companies Management. And have a Joint Venture Company with well recognized Companies, like French Dassulte Aviation, Italian Electronica, and South African Denel Dynamic, Beside, General Khalid is involved with Local and International recognized Companies as a Senior Advisor and a Member of their Advisory Board.