Owner / Chairman
Supreme Global Holdings Ltd

Born in 1971 in a remote village of Sri Lanka, Manivannan hailed from the minority Tamil community thus facing the many challenges during the first 28 years of his life during Sri Lanka’s worst ever civil war. Educated in Royal College of Capital Colombo by way of securing a state sponsored scholarship in the year 1983 he completed his A/L’s in the year 1990.

Ever since Manivannan relentlessly progressed in his business career starting from Freight Forwarding then expanding into Trading, Investments, Mining & Finally Satellites.

Supreme Global Holdings has now expanded into 05 countries in Africa in addition to Sri Lanka where its key operations are based. The success in Africa is largely due to the many mining ventures of the company which include Gold, Copper, Graphite, Tin Ore, Sapphires & Titaneum. Manivannan took Sri Lanka by surprise by launching SupremeSAT-1, The first telecommunications satellite of Sri Lanka fully owned by him in November 2012. The Company is now an active player in both mining and space related businesses in the region with many successful listings in ASX as well.