Director of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs

As Umniah's Director of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs, Khaled Hudhud utilizes 15 years' worth of knowledge in the telecom industry to formulate regulatory positions, draft consultation replies, make representations to competition and other regulatory bodies, and recommend sector-related strategies. An active proponent of the Jordanian telecom sector since 1995, Hudhud's longstanding career before becoming part of Umniah in 2005 extends to include experience in Heavy Engineering projects between 1990 and 1994, as well as in IT and management consultancy in 1995. In early 2000, he took on the role of Intelligent Network Products Manager with a Jordanian mobile operator, where he later became the Products and Services Department Manager. In 2003, Hudhud joined the Government as the Head of Telecom Policy, putting together the Mobile and Fixed Telecom Liberalization Policies and the Universal Service Policy. Hudhud holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University in the U.S.