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Convergence To Oman 2013

"The Power of Digitization"
Key enabler for socio-economic growth in the SAMENA Region

This year, SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s annual conference “Convergence”, Oman Dec 2013, will vindicate the council’s sensitivity to the importance of the industry convergence, gathering industry experts and market leaders to discuss “The Power of Digitization”.

The domains of technology have diverged into an endless array of directional possibilities. The telecoms & ICT industry has grown through innovation gaining its motivation from the need to continually grow and improve to serve end users. In an extremely competitive industry, it's important to take the lead and collaborate to allow the industry to transcend innovation to the next stage. It is crucial to widen the horizons to look at the collective picture to ensure that all spheres of the industry are analyzed, explored and tapped to identify a road map for progression. The recent trends in the industry are explicating the importance of integration of various technological strands to deliver innovative solutions. The need of the hour is to collaborate to create a knowledge intensive pool to allow the industry to develop a more informed and innovative direction complimenting the competition.

“Convergence” will underpin the Council’s strategic stance on “Dgitization” as an incentive for continuing network infrastructure investments and a key enabler for socio-economic growth in the SAMENA region.

Topics to be discussed at "Convergence to Oman 2013" include:

  • Convergence of regulations / next-generation ICT policies: Cornerstone of digital ecosystem
  • International roaming rates: Regional exchange and agreements to achieve quality excellence and maximize efficiency
  • Building an efficient strategic M2M ecosystem
  • Cyber security: Role of governments and operators in ensuring secure and stable ICT network, services and applications
  • Spectrum harmonization: Wider coverage - cost efficiency – affordable handsets
  • Content stakeholders cooperation - Sustainable internet business model value chain
  • Infrastructure sharing for broadband development: Limits duplication and gears investment toward underserved areas
  • Satellite broadband reach the unreachable: High-speed - always-on - bi-directional
  • Emergence of cloud services: Impact on operators’ business model
  • Internet governance: Enabling a truly multi stakeholder dialogue for an interoperable internet
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