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CMO Day 2nd Chapter

Discussion Topics

Learning from Best Practices on Customer Experience Management

Presented by Analysys Mason
telecommunications operators are known to be the worst offenders when it comes to delivering a customer experience. Billing errors, dropped calls, long store queues, unfriendly customer service representatives are just the tip of the iceberg. What could telecommunications operators learn from companies like Disney, apple, emirates airlines and other industries?

Delivering Transformative Customer Experiences
Presented by Teletech
Customers are looking for a frictionless experience with their operator in an increasingly multi-channel world. how can operators respond efficiently whilst creating promoters and advocates of their brands?

The Digital Ecosystem Challenge
Presented by Yahoo
With the advent of convergence, the telecommunications, technology and Media industries are on a collision course. Ott players from the Technology and Media industries are not sharing their revenues with operators, yet are driving operators’ network traffic at an exponential rate. how can operators constructively engage Ott players and build an open digital ecosystem to grow the market for all?

Mobile Broadband Explosion
Presented by Booz
Demand for broadband in the SaMeNa region is increasing rapidly, and operators have started to boost their investments in 3G/hSxpa roll- outs and are evaluating 4G/Lte. Despite the rapid growth, prices – if adjusted for GDp per capita differences – are up to 10x higher in the SaMeNa region than in the US, UK and asia. the market could grow faster if CMO’s were more aggressive in pricing. this session looks into the latest usage trends, service pricing, opportunities and challenges CMO’s face.

Small Medium Enterprise Marketing and Sales
Presented by Revana
For many operators, the enterprise SMB markets represent significant growth opportunities. Managing B2B marketing and sales is very different from managing a B2C / consumer operation. this session explores international best practices and case studies.

Segmented Customer Experience
Presented by Meltem Sahin

Customer Experience Management Division Head - Turkcell - Turkey
Customer experience from touch point centric to customer centric and understanding different SEGMENTS and designing/delivering the experience accordingly.

CMO Perspectives
Presented by Andre Popov,
Partner - Peppers and Rogers Group - Dubai, UAE
an interactive discussion around key trends and learning’s.

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