Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer
Etisalat International - UAE

Dr. Kamal S. Shehadi is Etisalat International's Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer. In that capacity, he is responsible for strategic regulatory engagement at Group level. He is also responsible for overseeing and reporting to Group about the performance of Etisalat’s operating companies’ regulatory activities, identifying regulatory or public policy opportunities to create value, managing regulatory risk, and contributing to shaping the regional and international policy and regulatory environments in which Etisalat operate.

Prior to joining Etisalat Group, Kamal was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Republic of Lebanon ( During his tenure (2007-2010), TRA advised the Government of Lebanon on telecommunications; built a capable organization of forty professionals; developed a comprehensive regulatory framework; instituted the regulatory authority’s key processes, especially those related to consultations, licensing, and consumer protection; issued licenses to over thirty service providers; developed the capability to manage the spectrum, monitor the quality of service, and carry out its various regulatory functions; and hosted the ITU’s 2009 Global Symposium for Regulators.